If you google this question you will no doubt find many versions of how long a helium filled balloon will float. That is because science is involved! There are a few factors you should consider:

Environmental factors:

The temperature is one of the biggest factors affecting how long your balloon will float. They are best kept in a nice room temperature. How do I know this? I have tested it in a room that goes from cold to hot with the heater on. The balloons lasted half the amount of time in the room with varying  room temperatures.  We have also had great reports of balloons lasting longer than usual from our customers in their lovely climate controlled retirement home.

TIP #1: Don’t put your balloon in a hot car!

TIP #2: Keep your balloons at a constant room temperature!

How long you kept your balloons in the balloon bag:

We often give our customers balloons bags to assist with transporting the balloons to their destination. While these are fantastic to keep control of the balloons in the car, they will reduce the life of the balloon if kept in there too long.

TIP#3: Take your balloons out of the balloon bag ASAP!

The type of balloon you purchase:

Bubble Balloons (plastic balloons) and Foil Balloons (also know as Mylar Balloons) last longer than Latex balloons. This is because Latex balloons are porous and helium slowly leaks out of them. We can add a product called Hi-Float, which is a conditioning treatment applied to the inside of the balloon to try to prevent this.

TIP #4: Consider what type of balloon will meet your needs.

The Size of balloon you purchase:

You’ve heard the saying bigger is better, well generally this is the case with balloons and how long they last.

TIP #4: Consider what size of balloon will meet your needs.

These are the main factors determining how long your balloon will float. See our balloon care section for more information on balloon life.

TIP #5: When purchasing latex balloons for your event, pick them up as close to the event as possible, so you don’t need to purchase Hi-Float!