Have you ever thought about hiring a hall or large venue for your special occasion, then realised that you need to decorate it!

Here’s our tips on how to decorate your venue without blowing the budget:
We recommend rather than spreading your budget thinly across a large venue, that you focus on a few key areas. Balloons are one cost effective way to do this without spending too much time trying to hang things (if the venue allows this).
Grand entrance:
Make sure you focus on decorating the entrance to your venue. This assists guests in knowing that they have arrived at the right place and creates the WOW factor right from the beginning. Consider balloon columns or bouquets as a simple and cost effective option.
Balloon cluster column
Tables and seating:
If your guests are seated at the table or in rows of chairs, they are likely to spend a lot of time in this area, making it a good area to focus on decorating. Consider a balloon bouquet in the centre of the table or end of every second or third row. You can also use air filled balloon centrepieces relating to your theme.
jumbo gold
Cake or area for speeches:
Consider the areas your guests are most likely to take photos of. What is the backdrop to this area? Consider ideas like balloon arches over a cake table or even a simple balloon bouquet. We can even create balloon backdrops for the extra WOW factor.
Feature wall:
Some venues lean towards creating a feature wall or area. Rather than decorating all four walls consider a feature wall. We are able to theme this to your occasion, as we did with this Princess Castle over a large window.
Bar and Food areas:
As quests often visit the bar or perhaps a buffet, this can be transformed with large megaloon balloons, balloon art or bouquets. Guests with enjoy these every time they visit the area.
Our biggest tip:
Come visit us! We are happy to provide a free consultation to create the WOW factor for your party around your chosen theme or colours. We are familiar with many of the venues in Wellington and can provide professional advice that can save your time and money.